Flowing Health beyond Water

After 20 Years of delivering clean, high quality water to family doorsteps, AquaHealth revolutionizes its commitment to give health to its customers. AQ Health Plus extends from the Aqua Health’ water refilling brand to on-demand everyday health solutions for the new urban Filipino urban families.

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One Community for Health that Matters to YOU

Get updated to anything and everything health.

AQ Health Plus Community Connect is a place where we share the latest health trends based on YOUR eyes. Join us as we:

  • – Access the latest trends in Health
  • – Discuss the latest health Buzz though regular forums
  • – Share the best health content around the web that you care about
  • – Review wide array of products, regimens, and recipes!
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On-Demand Everyday Health

Aquaire Health is your One-Stop Digital Companion to Everyday Health. Health has always been about doctors, nutrition, avoiding sickness and other things scientific. Everyday Health is about health made easy. Everyday Health breaks down the world of health and made for the fast pace society of today.

Digital Companion for Everyday Health

With most products angle themselves as something healthy, Aquaire Health streamlines the enormous health-related info out there into something interactive , practical , and fun.

Today’s health is not as simple as yesterday. Aquaire Health tackles health that you can use every day. With just one click, explore:

  • Fun (Find ways to make what you enjoy work for your health)
  • Fitness (Exercise Regimens, New workouts, and how it can work for you)
  • (New Recipes, different types of diet, alternative medicine and so much more)
  • Flexibility (See how time and health are synonymous, find new strategies to fit health in your time!)

Learn how to make health work for you. Aquaire Health will be with you every step of the way. The road to lifelong health starts now. Sign-up for our Newsletter today!