Why go for Alkaline Water?

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A lot of people love Alkaline Water for its ultra-hydrating and pH-Balancing abilities. But before you take a sip, here are some of the facts about it!

Alkaline Water is different from tap water and can be consumed from many sources and that includes faucet attachments and additives that raises the pH. This water with a pH of 8.8 can help subdue acid reflux because higher pH level helps kill pepsin – an enzyme involved in breaking down food proteins which is the main cause of acid reflux. Alkaline water helps neutralizing the acid in the bloodstream which improves energy and metabolism led by an increased of oxygen level.

Protagonists of Alkaline Water claims that their health has improved since they started and consistently drinking the said water due to the benefits it brings to their body.

The said water acts as an antioxidant, hunting for and counterbalancing harmful free radicals. It seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which the human body can use for energy production. Alkaline water does help balance the body’s pH as it alkalize ones body pH from acidic to alkaline pH.

Furthermore, Alkaline Water hydrates and detoxify ones body which helps maintain and regain optimum health. Detoxifying ones body in removing normal acidic waste products accumulated daily.

So, drinking Alkaline Water daily can help neutralize the acidity and helps wash acid waste products found from cells and tissues.

~ Jake Cariño


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