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The emergence of Alkaline Ionized water has not only caught the eye of the masses but everyone in
general. Its popularity has increased each year, but the question still remains “Is Alkaline Ionized water
really different from purified water? If so, what is the difference?” In this article, a comparison shall be
done between the two, to finally come to a conclusion on which one is better.


Purified water is a liquid that can quench our thirst. And because of the steaming process it undergoes,
there is an assurance that it has been rid of unwanted germs, bacteria, and chemicals. Although a
problem with this process is, it doesn’t only take out the bad but it also takes out the good. It quenches
your thirst but only for a short period of time. It lacks minerals that your body needs to get on a daily
basis. While Alkaline water is proven to show otherwise. There was a study done in 2010 that was
published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, stating that subjects who drank
alkaline water displayed an improvement in their acid-base balance and hydration status. A significant
increase in both blood and urine pH was seen and the results were reversed when the subjects went
back to drinking regular purified water.

Weight loss

Drinking lots of water is a major factor when going on a diet. Purified water has been proven helpful
when it comes to filling up your body with zero-calorie liquid before eating. Drinking water before your
meal makes you feel full which results to controlling the portions you eat. And for Alkaline Water, it also
does the job of making you feel fulfilled. But its aid to you in weight loss doesn’t just end there. Our
body creates fat cells that have the purpose of neutralizing the heavy metals our body absorbs from the
food we eat and there are results from many experiments and researches that showed how drinking
Alkaline water was able to help detoxify the participants’ bodies, which lessens the need of the body to
produce more fat cells, thus bye bye extra weight.

Warding off diseases

There are not a lot of researches on how drinking Purified water can ward off diseases, but there are
researches on how it can help treat your headache or migraines. The European Journal of Neurology
published a study that proved how an increase of water intake helps cut down the number of hours of
headaches of the subjects. For the case of Alkaline water, since it does act as an antioxidant, it has the
capability of giving up electrons that neutralizes the free-radicals, harmful chemicals, in our body. It is
also able to convert these radicals into oxygen which makes it difficult for most illnesses to survive,
because an oxygenated body means a harder environment for an illness to survive in.

We can conclude that both don’t do any harm to our body but we can also conclude that one has more
benefits than the other. The choice is still up to you, but remember a healthy body leads to a healthy
mind and a healthy life.


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