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Trust is not only applicable to person to person relationships. But trust must also be present between consumers and producers as well. As a consumer, you would want a company that has been proven to give good service and great products. You would want a company that has good reputation. And for the past 19 years, nearing to its 20 years, Aquahealth has fully delivered every single factor needed to call a company “trustworthy” in every encounter. Through the years, it has developed its name through 2 main things; 1) its continuous ability to produce quality service and products; and 2) by expanding its reach to the people by creating an investment opportunity program and franchising program. But how have these 2 things created the good name Aquahealth has now?


AquaHealth’s numerous and tedious process of their alkaline water undergoes, it can be said that it is safe to consume; making it a product that not only reaches the satisfaction of buyers but it also exceeds them. Despite its 5 gallon refilling price being a little higher than regular water stations, consumers choose quality over anything else, since it is Alkaline Ionized Water. It is not only their products that are of quality, their service is of good quality as well.

The great quality of Aquahealth in its service and products is the reason why for 20 years, consumers have been loyal to the company, and new consumers continue to pour in big numbers.


Because of the name that Aquahealth has created over the years, people have invested and tried out the franchising program of the company. People have seen its positive returns. Aquahealth is a good company to franchise because of its easy recognition, the existence of initial trust between consumers and producers, and effortless advertising. Today, those who have franchised the products are now experiencing the numerous benefits of the return of investment.

The reputation created by Aquahealth continuous to grow each year which is why the numbers of people who franchise it grows bigger.

Many things have happened in the past 19 years with Aquahealth, and many have benefited as well. Now that that they going on their 20th year, a new treat is on the grab for customers. Php 20,000 is up for grabs for the lucky winner who creates the best dubsmash of the official jingle of Aquahealth. The official jingle can be heard and seen in the official Aquahealth Youtube Account.

Come and join the growing family of Aquahealth!

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