Open an Aquahealth Franchise in Your Area
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider owning an Aquahealth franchise:
Aquahealth uses a reliable and effective water purification system that removes the harmful elements in the water but retains the healthy minerals.
TheAquahealth system is easy to operate and maintain.
Aquahealth's water purification technology results in minimal waste water.

Everything You Need To Start Up Your Successful Business

Be an Aquahealth Franchisee
Our franchisees will enjoy the following services and benefits:
Technical Assistance. Aquahealth will constantly strive to lower your production
cost and will be on hand to give the necessary technical assistance.
Store Design and Layout. To ensure consumer familiarity and confidence,
Aquahealth will develop all signages and trademarks. We will also provide the
general architectural guidelines, including the floor plan and layout, along with
accredited contractors to ensure that approved designs are carried out.
Marketing Campaign. We will conduct year-round advertising campaign on both
the national and local levels. Posters, leaflets and other merchandising materials
will be produced to educate consumers about water and their health benefits.
Quality Control Procedure. Aquahealth will implement a strict Quality Control Procedures to ensure that all standards are met. Quality Control Inspectors from Aquahealth will make unannounced visits to outlets.
Maintenance Program. Aquahealth will provide a maintenance program consisting of free twice-a-month maintenance checks within Metro Manila, plus the services of an on-call maintenance crew.
Training Program. Aquahealth will conduct a complete and detailed training program for both the franchisee and store personnel.
Financial Projections. Franchisees will also be provided with profit projections assessed from the cost of investments, production and sales goals.