Healthy Heart and Alkaline Water

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It’s during the month of February when most people are planning and preparing the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts they can give to their friends, family, and loved ones. People take this opportunity to show their love to people.

But before anything else, one thing we must do is to love ourselves as well. It is very important that we love ourselves by remembering to do the things we love, giving ourselves the time off we need from all the stress and of course, taking care of ourselves to have a healthy body, most especially our hearts. And drinking alkaline water is the simplest and easiest way for you to achieve that.

The numbers of benefits your heart can get by drinking alkaline water are a lot more than what most people think.

But how does alkaline water help love your heart?

Gives extra hydration

There have been researches that have concluded that dehydration rises up blood viscosity which is actually related to some heart diseases like hypertension (or high blood pressure) and arteriosclerosis (hardening of one’s arteries).

Of course you wouldn’t want to experience any of this, and the simple answer to this is keep yourself hydrated with alkaline water

Alkaline water has micro clusters that are quickly absorbed by your cells. It is absorbed faster than regular tap water.

Helps keep your cholesterol and sugar levels balanced

Studies have shown that regularly drinking alkaline water for a long period of time would eventually have a great effect on your cholesterol and sugar levels. It would significantly lessen your cholesterol and sugar levels.

People who have high cholesterol or high blood sugar can use alkaline water as another simple measure to keep themselves healthy, not just through watching what they eat or drinking medicine.

Improve acidosis

Acidosis is what the results of having too much acid in our body fluids. There a lot of negative effects that can happen if this continues.

But alkaline water can help you with this.

There are components in alkaline water that help get rid of the acidic waste in our body. These wastes can come from the food we eat. And by continuously drinking alkaline water, these acids will then be neutralized.

More minerals for your heart

Soft water lacks certain minerals that are not only beneficial to our heart but should actually be in our daily intake.

According to the World Health Organization, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, should be found in your daily drinking water. And alkaline water has exactly those minerals.

But your body would also not be able to absorb these minerals if your pH levels are unbalanced

Good thing alkaline water also does exactly that too.

With your balanced pH levels, your body can then absorb the minerals it gets from the water you drink which would then result to helping your overall heart health.


Yes, alkaline water may not heal your broken heart.

But it sure can give you a healthy one

Give yourself the love you deserve

Drink alkaline.



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